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Sample collection and shipment instructions

When an IMMray® PanCan-d test order is placed by a physician, Customer Support will send a blood collection kit to the patient.

Included in the kit are the following:

  • 6-ml red-top Vacutainer® blood collection tubes (2)
  • Individually wrapped, sterile, disposable pipettes (2)
  • Cryotubes; 1.5 ml (3)
  • Requisition form containing patient’s information and ordering provider authorization (1)
  • Specimen transport bag with absorbent sheet (1)
  • Unactivated NanoCool® shipping system (1)
  • Envelope containing tape strips for securing box for shipment (4)

IMPORTANT:  If any items listed above are missing from the collection kit, contact
Customer Support at 833-593-9522 to determine if the blood can be collected.

During the blood collection appointment, the phlebotomist will:

1. Check the patient’s photo ID to confirm that the name and DOB matches the requisition form and the information on the preprinted labels.
2. Ask the patient to complete the following sections of the requisition if they haven’t already done so:
a) Section 3 (Clinical Information) – check all that apply
b) Section 4 (Billing) – patient to sign and date
3. Record the collection date on each preprinted label; apply a label to each blood collection tube. Label the cryotubes after serum transfer so that fill volume can be more easily observed.

Blood draw instructions

Draw blood in red-top serum collection tubes using standard aseptic blood collection techniques. Collect 2 completely filled tubes.

1. Record the date and time of the blood draw on the patient’s requisition form.
2. Leave tubes in upright position at RT (18–23°C) for 45 minutes to allow clot to form.
3. Centrifuge the samples at 1200xg (rcf) for 10 minutes at RT (18–23°C). Record centrifuge time on requisition form.
IMPORTANT: If the tubes are not centrifuged directly after 45 minutes of clotting time, refrigerate (2-8°C) between clotting and centrifugation. Maximum time from blood draw to centrifugation is 4 hours. The tubes should be refrigerated at all times, except for the 45-minute clotting time at RT.
4. Using a disposable pipette, transfer serum to each 1.5-ml cryotube. Tightly cap each cryotube and apply a preprinted label.
IMPORTANT: Serum must be free from signs of hemolysis and contamination with red blood cells. Do not aliquot any serum that is dark in color or has visible red blood cells.
5. Check that all cryotubes are securely capped and labeled.
6. Place all cryotubes in the 4 x 6” biohazard bag containing an absorbent sheet and seal the bag.

Specimen shipment instructions

To ensure specimen viability upon receipt at Immunovia, Inc., the following shipping conditions are required:
a. Shipment on the day of collection
b. Transport temperature maintained at 2–8°C (refrigerated temperature)
c. Shipping service for next-day delivery (Priority Overnight)
Note: Deviations to these shipping requirements may result in specimen rejection.

Use the provided NanoCool Shipping System for IMMray PanCan-d specimen shipments. The shipper does not require refrigeration of the package or the cooler prior to use.







To activate the cooler, use the following procedure:
1. Remove the item with the silver foil from the package and place it, foil side down, on a hard, flat, clean surface. The white actuator button, encased in a round foam protector, should be pointing upward.

2. Press straight down on the actuator with your thumb. Only a moderate amount of force is necessary to depress the actuator. Do not use a sharp object!

3. A blue NanoCool logo should appear under the actuator within 3 minutes after activation. This indicates that the cooling action has begun. This can be confirmed by touching the surface of the cooler near the actuator.

4. Record the time of the NanoCool activation on the test requisition form, fold the form in half twice, and place it in the outer pocket of the specimen biohazard bag.

5. Place the biohazard bag and its contents in the insulated base of the NanoCool shipper.
6. Replace the activated cooler in its original position in the package. Press firmly and evenly to make sure the cooler fits snugly on the base.

7. Open the envelope attached to the top of the cooler and remove the tape strips, shipping label, and UN3373 label. Close the package and insert the box flaps.

a. Use the tape strips to tape the box in the 3 indicated locations.

b. Confirm the UN3373 label is visible on the side of the box.

The package is now ready to be shipped.

Boxes properly secured and labeled, as described above, can be placed in FedEx Dropboxes or dropped off at FedEx Shipment Centers or Walgreens locations. FedEx Office locations do not accept UN3373 packages.

FedEx is a registered trademark of the Federal Express Corporation. 
NanoCool is a registered trademark of Pelican BioThermal, LLC.
Vacutainer is a registered trademark of Becton Dickinson.